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Together with efficient control, new and applied products are being cultivated.
We introduce the product lineup by original technology based on resources such as the high quality limestone, dolomite.


Limestone is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate(CaCO3).
It is used as raw material for cement, as fluxstone for steel production,in the chemical industry for glass and paper manufacturing, and as liming material for agriculture.


Dolomite is comprised of magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is used in large quantities as a sub-material for steel production, in fire-proof products, as raw material for glass, and for agriculture and pollution control through dechlorination.

Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone is limestone whichhas been crushed and sorted according to its purpose. It is mainly used as an aggregate for concrete as there is no risk of a reaction with the alkali aggregate. It is also used as an aggregate for road paving, and as roadbed material.


Quicklime,mainly composed of calcium oxide (CaO) , is made by calcining limestone, and large quantities are used as a fluxing lime for steel production, for construction (for ALC) and to stabilize soil for chemical industries.

Calcined Dolomite

Calcined Dolomite is comprised of magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide (CaO) , and is widely used as a sub-material in steel production, for metal magnesium in the metal manuacturing, in agriculture and for soil of stabilization.

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime is a sorted powder or granularity by the air separator, comprised of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), and is obtained as a result of a reaction between quicklime and water. It has a wide range of uses such as in agriculture, for soil stabilization and in plaster as well as in the general chemical industry. There are two types-powder and granularity-depending on the application.

Ultrafine Powder Hydrated Lime

"Calmue" is high reactive ultrafine powder hydrated lime manufactured on the basis of carefully selected highly activated quicklime utilizing technological know-how introduced from Germany. It is mainly used for treatment of flue gas from refuse incineration facilities as well as various water treatment in the environment related area.

Dolomite Clinker

Dolomite Clinker is formed by calcining dolomite at high temperatures, and (CaO) comprises magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide CaO. It is used as stamping material for the protection of refractory of furnaces used for steel production.

Desulfurization Agents

These are desulfurization flux based on quicklime for the application of various smelters such as for steel production.

Calcia Clinker

Calcia Clinker is formed by calcining limestone at high temperatures and comprises calcium oxide (CaO). It is used in the production of clean steel.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is pulverized, granulated and sorted limestone, and is widely used as agricultural liming material, as a neutralizing agent to treat water which has been used by factories in the desulphurization of fuel gases. There are two types-granularity and powder-depending on the application.

Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

Calcium Magnesium Carbonate is pulverized, granulated and sorted dolomite, and comprised of CaO and MgO. It is mainly used as an agricultural fertilizer, and is effective for the normal growth of crops through the neutralization of acidic soil. It helps the formation of chlorophyll. There are two types-granularity and powder-depending on the application. It is also used as special soil conditioner having a thawing effect.

Lime-based Soil Stabilized Treatment Material

"Dolomite is a composite which mixes pozzolonic substances such as gypsum and cement to quicklime. In addition to excellent soil improvement effect of quicklime, this product has a short-term appearance of strength with a self-hardening capability, thus used in a wide variety of soil stabilized treatments. A type for prevention of liquefaction (for SLP) is also available as special product.

Grouting material (Ground Stabilizing Material)

This is a mixture of hydrated lime and various agents for preventing spring water and water leakage by injecting into cracks of rocks and earth and sand.

Ground Material

This is a mixture of select clay as a base, river sand, special soil, and fine aggregate, and is used as paving material for various types of ground cover (tennis courts, parks) and is friendly to human body.

Lime for Sports

"Line Ace Soft" is a selected white limestone ground into fine powder. Compared with conventional hydrated lime, alkalinity of this lime is low and thus being friendly to human body when used in sports related applications. "Line Ace" using hydrated lime is also available.

Kuzuu Stone (Silica Stone)

Utilizing a feature of limestone to purify water quality, this stone restores the ecological system of rivers. As it is natural stone, composure and comfort are created to direct affluent flavors of every season.